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VW Camper Van Rentals in Portland, Oregon and the Greater Pacific Northwest.

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We at Rogue Caravans believe that connecting with nature enhances peoples lives, makes one happier, and really just makes us all get along better. We rent out authentic VW Vanagon camper vans from the 80s, restored and maintained to near-original condition, in order to connect you with nature and create a unique outdoor experience.

Whether you're looking for a state of nostalgia, or a new way to see and experience the outdoors, a classic camper van is sure to create timeless memories.

Freedom is calling. Are you ready to answer? Learn more about our vans here.

Please, feel free to send me an email inquiring more details and to set up a rental. Cheers!

Check out the adventure our friends at Maloja went on last summer with our van!

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